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Sallie Bluejacket, descendent of Chief Bluejacket.

Rena L. Blue Jacket ~ Shawnee, 1893 Vinta, Oklahoma (born May 12

Chief …

Painting by Hal Sherman based on Blue Jacket description.

Chief Bluejacket(Shawnee) speaking to Chief Tarhe(Huron/Wyandot) at the

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chief blue jacket family tree outdoor jacket

Red Jacket

Chief of Tecumseh’s Confederacy

Shawnee Indian Chiefs and Leaders

The Legend Of Blue Jacket Michael P Spradlin Author

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Picture. Picture. Blue Jacket signature

Bluejacket. Chief’s


… and his 1969, Blue Jacket, war chief of the Shawnees. See: Sugden, John, 2000, Blue Jacket, Warrior of the Shawnees, University of Nebraska Press, …


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Michikinikwa, LIttle Turtle

May 26 2013 Chief Charles Bluejacket Daughter


Shawnee Chief Pucksinwah father of Tecumseh

Blue Jacket signature

Blue Jacket Cabin

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