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Red Coat (\”A\”) Real Identity: Charlotte DiLaurentis

6 Unanswered ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Questions About Red Coat That Bother Fans More Than Sara Harvey’s Shower Obsession

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Red Coat

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Aria, Clark, and Someone in Red in on Pretty Little Liars Season 6,

Sara Harvey Is Red Coat On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ & She Was In Cahoots With CeCe


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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode Reveal: What Does Alison Being Red Coat Mean For Season 4? [SPOILERS]

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Pretty Little Liars – Alison is Red Coat – 4×13 Promotional Photos (2 Hour Holloween Special) – YouTube

Is Alison Red Coat? Tell us what you think. What is your theories? Posted by Pretty Little Liars! …


Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale Spoilers


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Alison DiLaurentis (as Red Coat)

I am more than sure it is definitely Alison who’s the Red Coat. Whoever has seen the finale believes that, unless proved otherwise.

THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT IS… │Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale

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Pretty Little Liars – Red Coats Poster 24 x 36in


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Debuts Season 4 Poster: Red Coats Everywhere (Photo)

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\”Red Coat\” from Pretty Little Liars Halloween costume. \”