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Straight Jacket Meaning | Jackets Review Embodiment and Native Theatrical Praxis | On the Prairie Diamond … straight jacket …

I found this picture of a man in a straight jacket and related it to the play because Clieante reccomends that Orgon and his son to have restraint and not …

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If I visualised my day, I’d be ready for straight jacket and tie

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\”You’ll never make any money, you know. Comic strips may be entertaining, but they don’t pay enough unless you get syndicated.

2Pac: The Most Overrated AND Underrated MC Of All-Time

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houdini’s straightjacket. i pin this not because it was houdini’s, but because i like the piece work look.

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While the classic tux is as dark as can be, nowadays it’s also accepted in midnight blue. Another variation is a white dinner jacket …


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