Student White Coat

Matt Hire (far left), third-year medical student, celebrates receiving his new white coat with fellow classmates Vaibhav Patel, Arth Srivastava, …

Pictured: Some of the MD Class of 2021 at their White Coat Ceremony. Amanda Shell Photo. By Tina Shelton, UH Med Now

Incoming Stanford Medical school students try on their new white coats before having a group photo taken on Friday, Aug. 26, at the School of Medicine.

Owen Montgomery, MD, chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, finishes cloaking a student with her white coat.

Pang-Yen Fan, MD, Mai-Lan Rogoff, MD, Nidhi Chojar

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In return, students are given a pre-addressed envelope and asked to share a note of gratitude with their coat sponsor.

2008 White Coat Ceremony 5

White coat ceremony

Student physicians Detti Belina, Antonio Hernandez Saenz, Jean-Christophe Rwigema and David Lam

This annual tradition holds symbolic significance as students declare their commitment to assume the responsibilities and obligations of the dental …

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Weill students receive white coats

White Coat Medical Student

group photo of masters of nursing candidates. The white coat …

Vanessa Buie and her classmates recite the Oath for Teachers and Learners of Medicine at Vanderbilt

Dr. Wigfall and student after white coat has been put on.


White Coat Ceremony

The University of Tulsa School of Nursing recently presented 52 nursing students with white coats signifying their transition from classroom to clinical …

The Geisel MD Class of ’22 (photo by Rob Strong)

White Coat

Students in the Orthotics and Prosthetics Program, part of Baylor’s School of Health Professions, receive their white coats upon the completion of their …

Third-year Medical Students Earn New White Coats, Transition to Clerkships

LECOM student-pharmacists recite the Pharmacy Pledge of Professionalism at the White Coat ceremonies for the Class of 2018.

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Beginning-level Lakeview College of Nursing students received white coats as a symbol of their transition into the clinical setting.

White Coat Ceremony

White Coat Ceremony

Rutgers Medical Students Take Oath